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Alessandro Longoni


Fintech District

International business development professional currently developing the Italian Fintech ecosystem in Italy and Europe @Fintech District. Involved from the early stages of the career in the most innovative areas in the digital world.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 15+ years in digital innovation, creation of new industries (mobile advertising / mobile payments), ecosystems (fintech) and complex tech global projects both agency and client side from small to large organizations (Samsung - Vodafone) in the UK and in Italy.

SPECIALTIES: Digital, new media and innovation. Fintech, Mobile commerce, mobile payments (NFC), mobile advertising, loyalty, couponing, advertising, e-commerce and web marketing.

ROLES: business development, sales, marketing, advertising, product development, bringing web strategies to mobile, improving user experience and creating new business opportunities.

PERSONALITY: curious, creative thinker, pragmatic, driven and fast team player capable of simplifying complex matters. Solid relationships builder thanks to the understanding of different cultures.

GOALS: Finding solutions, creating the digital future, improving myself as a manager and as a human being.

PERSONAL NOTE: I believe in diversity and fairness. Everything that is a passion to me becomes part of my everyday life experience and work: I am a huge fan of almost every rock band on the planet, I love playing football, communicating and travelling. Digital to me is a way of living more than just a job.

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