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Alessandro Piccioni

Strategy & Innovation Director


Former Bain and Goldman Sachs professional with international experience across 30+ strategic and corporate finance engagements with Fortune 500 companies, I lead Strategy and Innovation at NEXI, a BainCap, Advent and Clessidra portfolio company, leader in the Italian financial technology industry with strong market positions in payment services. I also serve as Non-Executive Director in the Board of public and listed companies such as Trevi, worldwide leader in the field of soil engineering: special foundations, tunnel excavation, soil consolidation and the building and marketing of special rigs and equipment relevant to this engineering sector.

Passionate about tech and entrepreneurship, I have co-founded and managed several internet/software companies over the last few years. Recently launched TeachTalents, a community market place that allows users to find the best learning and teaching opportunities, and PB-Tech, an innovative investment vehicle for startups and new ventures.

Previous experiences as portfolio manager at Agamya Capital, a boutique PE shop in Chicago, and in the investment arm of Goldman Sachs in Miami and New York.

I am highly motivated and interested in the alternative investments space, particularly in the high-tech, biotech and healthcare industries. In the long term, my major goal is to create a new paradigm in the healthcare/biotech industry where finance can effectively empower companies to explore and successfully commercialize new high technology solutions to meet the future needs of an aging population.

To achieve this goal, I draw on my management, investment and valuation skills, international experience and ability to speak 4 languages.

Specialties: strategy, finance, fintech, banking, credit, distress debt, due diligence, valuation, PE portfolio mgmt, emerging and frontier markets.

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