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Fabrizio Milano d'Aragona

CEO & Co-Founder


FinScience ( is an innovative tech company which enables the access to Alternative Data for investment purposes.
Through Artificial Intelligence proprietary algorithms, FinScience enables to:
- select strong and weak signals both regarding companies and specific topics helpful to financial decisions (long term alpha generation),
- build up alternative indexes (i.e. smart beta products) redefining the traditional taxonomy,
- elaborate Portfolio Management models and investment strategies on different financial assets leveraging both alternative and financial data.

3rdPLACE ( is a tech company founded by senior managers of Google. Using Artificial Intelligence proprietary technologies, 3rdPLACE supports organizations in finding and converting data about users and customers into useful business insights to improve decision making, actions and operational results.

3rdPLACE helps your business to:
1. Acquire Valuable New Customers and Users
2. Maximise Customer Retention
3. Optimise Marketing Investments
4. Increase sales combining the online and offline world
5. Launch new products and expand internationally

3rdPLACE is trusted by Nestlè, Euronics, BNL-BNP Paribas, IBS, Amplifon, UniCredit & many others.

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