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Federico Sforza

CEO & Co-Founder


It’s a combination of fintech and banking skills and an entrepreneurial mindsets that has pushed me to co-found and invest in AideXa, becoming its CEO. AideXa is an exciting venture that will have a lasting impact for the whole Italian banking system by dramatically easing the life of entrepreneurs.
I am a senior executive with over 20 years of high caliber working experience in the financial industry, fintech and strategic consulting, passionate about making the difference in leading edge and innovative business ventures.
I have worked with increasing P&L responsibilities in top-notch companies such as McKinsey, UniCredit, ING and Nexi focusing my activity on developing digital banking, instant lending, multichannel sales initiatives and more.
I have got the chance to live through multiple experiences, by alternating between complex, international corporate structures and digital fintech startups, and by managing both large P&L businesses and innovative turnaround programs.

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