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Giovanni Buono



I am a 15+ years experienced professional with an holistic business culture developed mainly within an international environment and several industries

About me:
- Earlier in my career I designed and implemented tests for complex telecom architectures
- Later on I can highlight my sales track records when working for telecom VAS resellers
- I then started my international career and accumulated a series of success stories linked to the management of business development for different companies in sectors like industrial, telecom and utilities
- As Spain Country Manager of a US/German telecom company. I launched and run one of the most relevant player in the Iberian market, generating a 7 digits turnover and reaching the break-even point in 18 months
- I created an extensive business and personal network of contacts in key decision roles at International level and across the private and public sector
- During 2 years I shift my focus on asset management and investing trading FX, stocks, commodities and investing in startups
- I also acted as an independent consultant and advisor in management and International business development for companies, some of them I invested in
- In 2016 I joined Housers (incorporated mid 2015), as CEO International and CEO Italy where I designed and executed the internationalization of the company which in turn implied key strategic changes in the original business model. Today Housers is the South-European leading Real Estate crowdlending Platform.
- In December 2018 THE fintech company builder Finleap asked me to join their team as Entrepreneur in Residence, to advise and lead some of the projects they have in pipeline in both divisions: fintech and proptech and with special focus on the launch in Spain and Italy.

Skills & Personality: passionate, enthusiastic, committed, customer oriented and proactive team-player. I know about sales, management, operations, digital business. I love to live in a continuous learning process.

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