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Luca Giacoma Caire

Chief Marketing Officer


• Deep understanding and experience in banking services (Retail Banking, Lending Business, Digital Banking and E-commerce) in Italy, Switzerland and Central Eastern Europe.

• Strong focus on Consumer Finance business (Personal Loans, POS loan, Credit Cards, Car Loans, Mortgages) Fintech and Digital Banking in Italy and across Central and Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Czech Republic).

• Build and managed teams, designed and led entire new business lines and full responsibility for the P&L, reporting directly to C-Level.

• Advanced IT know-how within the banking sector with strong focus on new technology, Fintech and Digital strategy.

• Great professional interest in new technologies and developments such as Fintech, Peer to Peer Lending, microcredit, on line banking services and e-commerce, payment solutions...

• Selected for more than 5 years for Young Talent Programs both in UniCredit Group and Avaloq Group due to my high performance personality and true desire to continually learn new things.

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