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Marco Mione

Core Business Operations & FinTech Chief of Staff

Deloitte Consulting

Marco heads up the Core Business Operations & FinTech Chief of Staff Team of Deloitte Consulting and he's currently the Vice President of SIAT - Italian Institution of Market Technicians.

Lifelong learner, authentic, ROI-focused relationship builder with startup, accelerators, corporation and academia.

In 2020 he takes over as IFTA Liaison with the aim of taking care of SIAT's international relations.

In 2019 he was named in the Top100 of Italian FinTech influencers according to SmartMoney.

He has given lectures for the SIAT “Master in Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets”.

In 2017, Marco was the Master of Ceremonies during the 30th IFTA World Conference related to financial technical analysis.

In 2015, he was awarded with the prestigious SIAT Technical Analyst Award-Cat.Equity (Market Technician of the Year), thanks to the thesis “A new disruptive stock-picking method”, which – based on a professional AI platform - provides support to decisional processes related to trading and portfolio management activities.

Marco has participated in many events - such as FinTech Talks, Salone dei Pagamenti, FinTechStage Festival, Investment and Trading Forum, and Quantech Conferences - as an expert speaker.

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