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Roberto Nicastro



Banker with wide-ranging interests:
- fintech,
- retail banking,
- private equity,
- governance, regulatory and
- contemporary issues.

Chairman of AideXa and Europe Senior Advisor for Cerberus Capital.

Long-standing experience in banking from Salomon Brothers thru McKinsey to an 18-year career with Unicredit (Ceo CEE, Retail, Group Deputy Ceo, Group GM). In 2015-17 I chaired on behalf of Bank of Italy the 4 “Good Banks” first European full “Bail-In” case. In 2019-20 non exec. ViceChairman of Ubi.

Very keenly involved in a few Fintech initiatives, convinced that Fintech is deeply changing banking, passionate for Small Business Banking. Just founded together with Federico Sforza and invested into #Aidexa.

Feel free to contact me at, but please be clear about your motives and be coherent with my profile.

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