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Stefano Bonini

Chief Risk Officer & Adj Professor of FinTech and Risk Management


I am the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of a FinTech & Challenge Bank start-up

I have been till March 2020 Management Consulting Executive of Accenture Finance & Risk and since 2011 have led the development of Accenture Credit Risk Modeling & Risk Governace offering in Italy.
I built strong relationships with key clients as Banks and Rating Agencies, being in charge of numerous Risk Modeling, Validation & Model Risk projects mainly within regulatory framework of Basel II/III/IV, IFRS9, and TRIM. I also acted as advisor risk culture formation for board members of Banks under SSM. He also lead the Italian Risk Management Association Study Group on Machine Learning.

I am adj professor of Banking and Risk Management at top tier Italian Universities like University of Bologna, MIP Business School & LUMSA University, and visiting Fellow at Stern NYU School of Business, hold a PhD in Banking & Finance and am currently the only person (across globe) with triple Certified Chartered Statistician: from USA, UK & Italian Statistical Association.

I am regular speaker to industry events & international conferences on Risk Management, author of publications on books and international journals (Journal of Credit risk, European Journal of Finance) and collaborated with CONSOB within the "Financial Education Month”.

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